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I took a numeracy test online (18/03/2019) just to see how well I could do

  My numeracy test March 2019

The reason I've put this here is because good numeracy should lead to better health, employment and higher wages all other things being equal, certainly if you can say that only 22% of the population has this level of numeracy then it's quite impressive

Food for thought from a few years ago but I don't think things have changed really.

  Literacy and numeracy in the UK

Van Gogh's bedroom; no way to be living in a city of 8 million people like London. I lived in a place like this when I taught in London, I didn't mind but I never earned enough to look after a family.

I'm a 51 year old British man who quite enjoyed teaching some years ago and this website has been something to pass the time. I've had it for more than ten years now and although I'm not really looking for anything at the moment there were literally years where I was trying my best to improve my situation without any success. I would also like to add something here that is that life is special and important even when things aren't working out as planned and I have been blessed with a supportive family through all of my ups and downs and I'm thankful for that as I am also thankful for the benefits I've recieved while I've had health problems and the treatment I've had from the NHS. Mark Benniman 03/2019


  I spent the best part of ten years looking for a job, no one has understood me and it hasn't been fair to me and my family

How do people afford to live in London and increasingly around the world? How do they make enough money? Is it fair that you can get qualified in the top 5% of the population and get a commensurate job but only afford a flat share or studio flat in a city of 8 million people?

  My story about the cost of housing

  An article about renting in London

  Hammermsith house prices 2013

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  Just a point about housing benefit

Quote 'DfES findings, based on a survey of 8,730 16 to 65 year olds in England, found a strong link between numeracy and literacy and higher wages. Some 68% of full-time workers earning more than 20,000 a year had gained at least one GCSE at grade C or above. The CBI estimates that poor skills cost the British economy 10bn a year'.

My NQF level 4+ qualifications: HND 96, BSc 97, PGDip 01, PCET PGCE 03.

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 It hasn't been fair 

  I would just like to add a very good document I found on the internet about culture shock

  Apparently the social class I most closely match is the precariate

  My PCET PGCE in the standard occupational classification 2010

My qualification and comments from some alumni from Greenwich University. I only put the alumni comments here to show the levels they have reached.

 I nearly took two teaching qualifications a few years apart to improve my situation

 My M-level PCET PGCE in ESOL


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