I'm closing this website down at the end of February, I started it in February 2008 and have kept it a bit like a garden ever since but I think it's a bit stale now and the feeling I had about my education in teaching English as a foreign language with my PGCE and my degree in business information technology are well and truly dated. As for my opinions about the cost of housing, no one is remotely interested nor ever have been, do you know one article I found from 2017 said that houses in London had increased by 500K in 20 years, some of them from as little as 55K at the time :)

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Van Gogh's bedroom; no way to be living in a city of 8 million people like London. I lived in a place like this when I taught in London, I didn't mind but I never earned enough to look after a family.

I'm a 52 year old British man who quite enjoyed teaching some years ago and this website has been something to pass the time. I've had it for more than ten years now and although I'm not really looking for anything at the moment there were literally years where I was trying my best to improve my situation without any success. I would also like to add something here that is that life is special and important even when things aren't working out as planned and I have been blessed with a supportive family through all of my ups and downs and I'm thankful for that as I am also thankful for the benefits I've recieved while I've had health problems and the treatment I've had from the NHS. Mark Benniman

  My level 4 and 5 qualifications

I passed an HND and a BSc (undergraduate) and a PG Dip and a PGCE (postgraduate)


How do people afford to live in London and increasingly around the world? How do they make enough money? Is it fair that you can get qualified in the top 5% of the population and get a commensurate job but only afford a flat share or studio flat in a city of 8 million people?

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I first took an IQ test when I was studying in the 90s, I was pleasantly surprised with the result, percentile 1 is what it said back then. It hasn't gained me anything though, no one has been remotely interested, it has always remained difficult to work out stuff like making a living. I took what I think were some really good free iq tests over the last eight days just for fun.

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And finally... :)

The reason I chose this image of Thor in the reface app was that a lot of the film took place at the old royal naval college in greenwich where I spent a year training to teach about ten years earlier :)

I studied at five universities between 1992 and 2003. I passed FHEQ recognised courses at four of them :)

I've had this website since 2008, (about thirteen years now) I stopped teaching in London in mid-2005 and later had six months teaching in Thailand until mid-2007. I was four levels up the lecturer scale in London with a PGCE specialising in English for speakers of other languages. I am married with two children.


You can contact mark at:mark@third-conditional.net