My qualifications and references

 My university qualifications


 My UK references

 References from teaching in Hong Kong 1998 2000

 Teaching in Bangkok Thailand 2000 2001

 Two offers of postgraduate study that I declined 2009 and 2011

 I have found it very difficult getting reasonable work

In my qualifications and references there are the collected documents of eight years of university education in the UK, two years of teaching in Hong Kong, one and a half years of teaching in Bangkok Thailand, three years of teaching in London and three years volunteering at the Science Museum in London making a total of seventeen years of documented activity between 1992 and 2012. I was also offered a second PGCE in IT in secondary schools in 2009 and a master's degree in intercultural communication in 2011. I declined them both partly because of the cost in time and money and not being sure if the outcomes are respected anymore, I really didn't need any more master's level education in my head without an outlet.

Before 1992 I worked in a supermarket for four years and my father's small food business smoking meats for four and a half years. Whilst I studied for my HND and degree I worked for two years as a night porter at the college where I was studying, I was also first aid at work qualified at the time. I have also been a househusband and stay at home dad for several years. Since 2007 I have had health problems. I have a mental health problem that I think had been aggravated by life circumstance and I also have had blepherospasm since 2006 so I claimed incapacity benefit from 2007 and then Employment and Support Allowance to this day.

I make that at least 25 active years as an adult but unfortunately many years of inactivity due to illness

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